Real life. The Brett Fam.



My name is Alison, and I am a Saint Petersburg native, photographer/filmmaker, proud momma, and cereal maker extraordinaire.

I have one hunk of a husband, a fur baby and two wild and spunky children. Yes, we enjoy the simple things and do not have white couches! My kids have wild hair and food all over their faces ALL. THE. TIME. Our house is loud, crazy and super fun and I wouldn't have it any other way. It’s always high time for impromptu dance parties and mad science.

When it comes to creating Family Features, my outlook is very similar. It’s all about the REAL, NATURAL, BEAUTY that cannot be faked in a studio. So, let’s ditch the matching outfits and canned poses and let me come dance, play, dig, climb, run, sing, laugh and hang with you. My goal is to make this session one that will be remembered and cherished forever because it is REAL.